Printer Cleaning

Xerox Printer Cleaning Service

Regular cleaning of your printer will extend it’s life, as well as ensuring each and every print is of the highest quality possible. As your local Xerox printer experts, we will clean and tune your Xerox printer and keep it running smooth!

Our trained technicians will clean your printer inside and out, including the pickup rollers, feed rollers, paper trays, paper path, image transfer components, fuser components, and print heads. This through cleaning will also include a maintenance check and status review with the technician.

Xerox Cleaning Service

We offer a flat rate for cleaning, per printer

Contact us for pricing on:

  • In-Store Xerox Cleaning – Visit one of our printer repair shops for convenient in-store printer cleaning.
  • Onsite Xerox Cleaning – We come to you with all the tools necessary for fast service from our expert printer service technicians.
  • Emergency Xerox Service – When you need printer service ASAP, we’ve got your back! Simply give us a call to request service.

Does not include any replacement parts, if needed

A travel charge per mile, one way, from our location will be incurred for distances further than 30 miles from our location.

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Common Xerox Cleaning Issues

Dirty Printer Rollers

Printer rollers pull paper from the tray and feed them through to be printed. Over time, these rollers get dirty and begin to affect print quality. Dirty printer rollers can lead to:

  • Black streaks on prints
  • Paper not being fed through printer
  • Paper printing crooked
  • Wrinkled prints
  • Paper jams
  • Lines on printed pages
  • Smeared ink on prints
  • Blurry text and images
  • Squeaky printer noises

Dirty Printhead Lenses

It is suggested to clean the printhead lenses each time an old toner cartridge is swapped for a new one as dirt and dust collects over time on the lens. This accumulation of debris can lead to:

  • Poor quality prints
  • Partial prints
  • Faded prints

Full Waste Toner Container

The toner waste container functions to collect excess toner and preserve clean, high quality prints. The Xerox printer will notify when the container is full and needs to be emptied or replaced. A full or damaged waste container may lead to:

  • Printer no longer printing
  • Low print quality
  • Dirty prints

Dirty Printer Fuser

A printer’s fuser functions to adhere powdered ink to paper for sharp, clean prints. When a Xerox fuser unit is obstructed, it can lead to problems such as:

  • Missing text on prints
  • Smeared ink on pages
  • Poor quality prints

Get Professional Xerox Service Fast!

Scheduling service is easy! You can call or submit a contact form to schedule the service you need. Speak with one of our customer service representatives to discuss how we can help your business or to learn more about the printer services we offer. Our team is always happy to help in any way we can.

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